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Symptoms of Depression

When a woman feels sad, or empty, or just doesn’t want to go to work, she may be depressed.  If this lasts for two weeks or more, it may be a mild form of depression.  Give yourself this depression test:

  • Are you thinking a lot about a loss that has occurred (for example, a death in the family, or illness)?
  • Feeling irritable, or hopeless?
  • Not being able to focus when making decisions?
  • Doing excessive sleeping or eating?
  • Having destructive thoughts?

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Is There a Strong Link Between Birth Control and Depression


A study conducted in Denmark has shown that one of the side effects of birth control is that it greatly increases depression.  It was conducted over a period of 10+ years (2000-2013) and included progestin and combination types such as the pill, intrauterine devices [IUDs], the shot and the patch.  Women 15-19 years of age showed a 70% higher rate of depression as measured by when they started anti-depressants and their first diagnosis of depression at a psychiatric hospital.

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